Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slow Food at the Farm—A Table at Happy Hollow


 Come Feast With Us
Sunday, September 29 

Join Slow Food Katy Trail and local-food enthusiasts for a delicious event at the farm of one of our area’s best organic producers, Liz Graznak. We’ll board a Mo-X bus in Columbia (a greener and safer transportation mode) for the 45-minute trip to beautiful Happy Hollow Farm, nestled in the rolling hills along the Missouri River near Jamestown.

Libations and hors d’oeuvres in hand, we’ll tour the farm with Liz, then gather around the table to feast on the Italian-inspired menu prepared by Josh Smith, executive chef at Les Bourgeois Blufftop Bistro. Happy Hollow’s delectable vegetables will be featured, as well as local meats, cheeses and wine. Zorya, an acoustic trio, will accompany the festivities.

Come dine with Slow Food members, friends, farmers and cooks as we toast the beginning of fall and the bounty of local food we all love. All proceeds will benefit Slow Food Katy Trail's “Harvest-of-the-Month” program and other educational projects.

Tickets: Available for purchase only through the Brown Paper Tickets website:

Because of the expense involved in producing this event, tickets are non-refundable and will be considered a donation to our Harvest-of-the-Month program and other educational projects.

Price: $100, non-members; $85, Slow Food members. To join Slow Food or to renew your membership, please visit: and click on “Donate.” Price includes round-trip bus transportation. Seating is limited; early ticket purchasing is encouraged. 

Transportation: Bus departs Wine Cellar & Bistro at 2:15 p.m. sharp; returns to Columbia by 9:15 p.m.

Alternate dinner venue in case of inclement weather: Les Bourgeois Blufftop Bistro at Rocheport

Even if you aren’t able to attend this event, please consider donating whatever amount you can to the Harvest-of-the-Month school program that this fundraiser supports. You may do so by visiting:

Slow Food at the Farm—A Table at Happy Hollow
Sept. 29, 2013

Pinckney Bend Gin with Beet Juice, Ginger Beer and Orange Peel
LBV Brut with Watermelon Juice, Campari and Basil

Eggplant Caponata on Crostini
Braised Beef alla Vaccinara on Crostini

Sformato di Cavolfiore – Cauliflower Custard with Sweet-and-Sour Tropea Onions and Salted Pistachios

Autumn Lettuce with Soft Egg, Fried Pork-Head Terrine "Croutons,” Mustard-Seed Vinaigrette and Pickled Sweet Peppers

Beet- and Red-Wine Risotto with Horseradish Crème Fraîche, Chives and Pickled Beets

Porchetta – Central Italian-Style Boneless Pork, Rubbed with Herbs and Roasted Whole

Braised Escarole with Beans

Fresh Goatsbeard Cheese, Pickled Watermelon Rind, Bacon Shortbread Cookie, Fresh Jalapeño

by Jill Rostine, pastry chef, Les Bourgeois Blufftop Bistro

Les Bourgeois wine pairings throughout
Vegetarians will be accommodated

Sunday, June 16, 2013


We're hoping to dodge the 30-percent chance of scattered showers today that the National Weather Service is reporting at the moment. Some of the farms will no doubt be soggy, so wear clothing and shoes that can take the mud!

Don't forget to download the flyer (click here), plot your course, and print out the Google map directions from one farm to the next.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

(Note: You'll find a revised link to the pdf flyer below.) 

Slow Food Katy Trail to Host
Second Annual Self-Guided Farm Tour

Slow Food Katy Trail has asked a few local farmers to showcase their farms on Sunday, June 16, Father’s Day, during our Second Annual Farm Tour. It's a self-guided (drive-yourself-to-the-farms) affair, and a great opportunity for enthusiasts of fresh, local and seasonal foods to see where it all comes from.

This tour is designed to acquaint you with local farmers and give you an up-close look at their production methods and farming styles. Please feel free to ask them questions about how they grow their food.

Each farm will have different and interesting things to show and tell visitors. Among the sensory offerings will be frolicking baby goats, chickens that lay blue eggs, delicious samples, farm products for sale, entertainment and gorgeous scenery.

We encourage families to bring children and introduce them to life on the farm and the origins of food. It's free, it's educational and it's a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Visit one or as many as you like.

Also, don’t forget to bring your cooler to stock up on some of the farm products that will be for sale.

Please see all the details in the link below. Also, keep up to date on our Facebook page, where we'll be posting photos of some of our featured farms.

See you on the farm!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Craig Cyr of The Wine Cellar & Bistro demonstrates the fine art of making mayonnaise for a Green Goddess salad dressing. The second graders, who had just picked fresh greens at Pierpont Farms for their field-trip-lunch salad, were delighted to learn how their favorite dressing (also known as "ranch") could be homemade, as opposed to being poured from a bottle.

Slow Food Katy Trail begins fifth year of helping

local children learn the path from farm to fork


Since 2008, Slow Food Katy Trail has introduced local and seasonal food to children at a Columbia elementary school. On Sept. 12, we begin the fifth year of our popular Harvest-of-the-Month sessions with third graders at a new school—Benton Elementary at 1410 Hinkson Ave.

Each month of the school year we decide on a seasonal food and locate a local farmer who produces it, then ask him or her to bring the produce or product to the school on a particular day. It may be tomatoes, green beans, garlic, sweet potatoes, popcorn, honey, eggs, wheat, and so forth. The farmer discusses life on the farm with the children and talks specifically about how that month’s harvest is produced. During the month in the classroom, teachers try to integrate the food into different areas of the curricula such as history, art and science.

Slow Food-volunteer cooks and occasionally local chefs come to the school each month, in conjunction with the farmers' visits, to turn the food into delicious and nutritious treats for the children. All the students participate in the cooking. They have steamed fresh green beans picked that very day, they have made applesauce, squash puree, garlic butter and tomato salsa. They have removed popcorn from the cob and popped it, and ground wheat berries into flour and made pancakes with it.

In every case, children have tried new foods and delighted in discovering new tastes, experiencing freshness and creating something themselves which is a joy to eat and to share.

Also, as part of Harvest of the Month, we sponsor a field trip for the participating classes to a local farm in the spring. It is one thing for a farmer to come to the school and show slides and talk, but quite another thing for the children to actually pick the fresh strawberries or lettuces, to see (and smell!) the turkeys strutting in their pens, feed the goats or even make cheese. Also, for these field trips, we invite a local chef (Craig Cyr of the Wine Cellar & Bistro) to prepare what the children harvest, and serve a delicious lunch at long tables with, as the children say, real plates and forks.  

To volunteer for a "Harvest-of-the-Month" session or to donate money to help continue the program in the area's elementary schools, please contact us at:

A volunteer from Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture helps a student flip pancakes made with freshly ground wheat grown in Callaway County. The cakes were topped with Boone County maple syrup and southern Missouri pecans. She—along with 60 other classmates—ground the wheat, made the pancakes and savored the results.

Third graders are fascinated by bee activity inside the portable hive brought to the classroom by Vera Gelder of Walk-About Acres Farm.