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Come help us celebrate Terra Madre Day at Broadway Brewery on December 6

Terra Madre delegate Mimo Davis (below) enjoys chestnut gelato at Salone del Gusto. The Ligurian chestnuts featured in this delicious ice cream are one of Slow Food’s Presidia projects. Presidia are local projects that work to improve the infrastructure of artisan food production. More than 10,000 small producers are involved in Slow Food Presidia projects throughout the world. At left is a cornmeal (polenta) producer from Trentino.

Who: Slow Food Katy Trail and other SF chapters throughout the world!
What: Terra Madre Day
When: Monday, Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Broadway Brewery, 816 East Broadway
Why: Slow Food’s birthday and many other reasons below!

You’re invited to help SFKT celebrate Terra Madre Day–along with Slow Food chapters throughout the world–as we come together on this day to share Italian-inspired local foods, photographs and knowledge taken away from the international conference a few weeks ago.

That evening we’ll also tell you about an exciting new African gardening project to which we all easily can contribute. Last, but not least, we’re going to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season in the festive ambience of the brewery. Plus, you’ll have a chance to do some holiday shopping at our special gift tables. Mustard Seed Fair Trade (25 S. Ninth St.)–whose fair-trade principles are compatible with Slow Food’s–graciously will donate 10 percent of sales that evening to the African gardening project.

Please read below for more details about the event and to see the menu. Reservations are necessary for the 60 spaces available. RSVP to the brewery at 443-5054 by Dec. 1.

Slow Food Katy Trail, the mid-Missouri chapter of Slow Food USA, is co-hosting, with Broadway Brewery, a Terra Madre celebration at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 6 at the brewery. Five delegates–Walker Claridge of Broadway Brewery, Craig Cyr of Wine Cellar & Bistro, Brook Harlan of Columbia Area Career Center Culinary Arts program, Julie Walker of Greystone Farm and Bernadette Dryden, co-leader of SFKT–represented mid-Missouri at the international Slow Food Terra Madre conference in Italy in late October.

That evening, at the brewery, as we eat a specially prepared dinner inspired by food we tasted during the conference, each of the delegates will share with the dinner guests a few things that he or she learned at Terra Madre. We also will have a running photographic backdrop during the dinner. Guests will get a "taste" of the conference as they watch photos of the delegates–many in the native dress of their countries–share their stories, foods, music and customs. It truly was the Olympics of the sustainable food world!

Terra Madre brought together 6,000 farmers, educators, cooks and food activists from 160 countries. The "food communities" of Terra Madre come together biennially to share innovative solutions and time-honored traditions for keeping small-scale agriculture and sustainable food production alive and well.

While at the conference, Carlo Petrini–Slow Food International president and that wonderful Italian who started the organization more than 20 years ago–asked each chapter to help build 1,000 gardens in Africa in one year. Consequently, chapters throughout the world will donate to this project through fundraisers and other events such as ours. Broadway Brewery will donate a generous portion from each dinner reservation to the garden project.

We also thought it would be an appropriate partnership for the Mustard Seed to sell some of their African merchandise at the brewery that evening. They will have African baskets, holiday items, jewelry, chocolate, kitchen and home accessories available. For more information, please visit the following sites:

1,000 Gardens in Africa project:

Slow Food international programs, including Terra Madre:

Slow Food Katy Trail blogsite (to see a few photos taken at the Terra Madre confab):

Mustard Seed Fair Trade:

Taste of Terra Madre Menu
Inspired by Walker Claridge’s Terra Madre experience

Broadway Brewery, 816 E. Broadway Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m.

Platters of olives, fennel, peppers, roasted garlic, cheese, greens

Stuffed Cabbage from Trieste

Zuppa di Fagioli e Cozze
White Bean Soup with Mussels

Gnocchi con Sugo d'Anatra
Potato Pasta with Duck Sauce

Sugo di Pomodoro Ricco con Carne e Polenta
Shaved Beef with a Rich Tomato Sauce on Polenta

Arance Caramellate con Torta di Mandorle
Caramelized Oranges with Almond Cake

$54 per person
Price includes Broadway Brewery beer pairing with each course
and Westphalia Vineyards’ Prodigal Son wine with the beef course.
Wine options are available for an additional price.

Products from Missouri food producers will be announced at the dinner.

RSVP to Broadway Brewery (443-5054) by Dec. 1

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